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Steven & Taylor International Financial Services, LLC

Business Consulting

Business Consulting Services

Form A Legal Busines Entity

  • We can walk you thru the entire process of Establishing a Business as a Legal Entity. For only one Price we will also assist you with acquiring an EIN, creating a Business Plan, establishing a business credit profile and obtain certifications to do business with Federal and State Agencies.

Business Certifications

  • Getting Approved and Certified to do Business with Federal and State Agencies can be very Challenging and Time Consuming. We assist you with acquiring an EIN from the IRS, producing a capability statement, establishing a business credit profile with Dun & Bradstreet and obtain the Secret to Bidding on Federal and State Contracts.

Business Plans|Marketing

  • We provide you with industry specific codes, guidelines, and ways to deliver a successful business plan. We also outline the keys of what to avoid and certain information that investors and the Small Business Administration look for

Complimentary Consultation

  • Call Us Today if you Need to:
  • Setup a New Business Entity
  • Acquire DBE & MBE Certifications
  • Bid on Federal & State Contracts
  • Copyright Intellectual Property
  • Establish Business Credit

  • Trademark

  • Patent

Learn From the Best

  • Over 20+ Years in Corporate America

  • A Wise Person Learns from the Mistakes of Others

  • A Fool Learns from their Own Mistakes

Solutions Based Consulting

  • Customers have questions and we have answers so everybody benefits.

  • Web Based Business Financial Tracking Solutions 

  • Wisdom Comes from Knowledge and Knowledge Comes from Experience and Experience Comes from Making Mistakes.